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The Anabolic Growth Stack

What is it?

The Anabolic Growth Stack is a comprehensive supplement bundle designed to maximise muscle growth, strength, and workout performance. 

This stack includes Anabolic Factor X9, AndroTurk 650, Energize (Preworkout), and Creatine Monohydrate, each targeting different aspects of athletic enhancement.


  • Accelerated Muscle Growth: Targets multiple pathways for muscle synthesis.
  • Increased Strength and Power: Enhances strength for peak performance.
  • Enhanced Recovery: Reduces recovery time and muscle soreness.
  • Elevated Workout Intensity: Boosts energy and focus for rigorous training sessions.

Product information

Contents: Includes Anabolic Factor X9, AndroTurk 650, Energize, and Creatine Monohydrate.

  • Anabolic Factor X9 and Androturk 650: One capsule of each product, twice daily.
  • Energize Preworkout: One capsule 30 to 45 minutes before training.
  • Creatine Monohydrate: One serving (5 grams) mixed with either water or beverage of choice, anytime of the day.

Scientifically Backed

The stack’s ingredients are selected based on scientific evidence supporting their efficacy in boosting muscle mass, enhancing strength, and improving recovery rates, ensuring a balanced and effective approach to supplementation.

Who is it for?

Perfect for dedicated bodybuilders, competitive athletes, and passionate fitness enthusiasts aiming to boost their muscle growth, strength and performance levels.