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Androturk 650 (Turkesterone)

What is it?

AndroTurk 650 is a bodybuilding supplement designed to enhance muscle growth and performance using natural anabolic agents. 

It contains a potent combination of Ajuga Turkestanica (Turkesterone), Ashwagandha, and Bioperine® to support lean muscle gains, improve workout recovery, and boost overall physical endurance while managing stress levels effectively.


  • Promote Lean Gains: Naturally supports muscle hypertrophy.
  • Enhanced Recovery: Optimises muscle repair and recovery.
  • Peak Performance: Elevates your workout performance.
  • Natural Anabolic Support: Safely boosts your body's anabolic processes.
  • Stress Reduction: Helps in managing cortisol levels for overall wellness and optimal muscle growth.

Product information

  • Contents: Each box contains 60 blister packed capsules - 1 Month supply.
  • Usage: Recommended to take one capsule, twice daily with meals.

Scientifically backed

AndroTurk 650 integrates ingredients supported by studies for their positive effects on muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

Who is it for?

Anyone seeking to enhance their muscle growth and achieve their fitness goals. Androturk 650 is designed to deliver results for individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of prior training experience.

Customer reviews

Across various sales platforms, Androturk 650 has an average customer rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Excerpts from genuine customer reviews:

  • "Very happy with this"
  • "For a great workout use this"
  • "It changed my training routine completely"
  • "Insane product for lean mass"
  • "Good results"
  • "Best in the market, you will see difference"