PPL (Push/Pull/Legs) Workout Plan

PPL workout

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The PPL workout routine has been around for a while, and many bodybuilders swear by it. The workout is designed to split your muscle groups into three workout days, namely, a push day, pull day, and leg day. This allows muscles with similar functions to be trained together.

The "push" part will focus on upper body muscles that push. (Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps)

The "pull" part will focus on upper body muscles that pull. (Back and Biceps)

The "legs" part will focus on your lower body. (Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves)

You can then use these three workouts to train between three and six workout sessions a week. (I would recommend training between four and five times a week.)

Benefits of using a PPL workout split

1. It's Effective

PPL style workouts have been used by thousands of trainers over the years because of how well it works. By using this split you are ensuring that all related muscle groups are trained together. This allows each muscle to get pushed to maximum exertion.

2. Every Muscle is Trained

Following a PPL program ensures that every muscle group is trained efficiently. No muscles are forgotten about.

3. Easy to Change

The wonderful thing about PPL is how simple it is. Removing and adding new exercises to the workout plan is very easy to do. You just need to make sure you switch the exercise with one that targets the same muscle. For example - If you get bored of doing flat dumbbell bench press, you can change it to an incline barbell bench press, or any other exercise that targets the chest.

Main Goal. Muscle Growth
Days Per Week. 3 to 6
Workout Duration. 45 to 60 minutes
Program Duration. 30 Days

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