Home Workout Routine

Man doing situps at home

Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, gyms are closed, and we all have to stay home. While some may be lucky enough to have gym equipment at home, the majority do not. Fortunately, there are many exercises that can be done at home using just your body weight. The following two workouts will help you maintain your muscle, fitness, and health during the shutdown.

Each workout consists of 7 different exercises. Each exercise should be done one after the other. For example, after 20 body-weight squats, you do 20 lunges, then 10 dips and so on (try to rest as little as possible between each exercise). After completing all 7 exercises (1 set), rest for a few minutes and start over. Try to complete between 2 and 4 sets (this will depend on your fitness levels).

You should aim at doing around 4 workouts a week.

For example:

  • Monday: Workout 1
  • Tuesday: Workout 2
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Workout 1
  • Friday: Workout 2
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest

If you are unsure on how to do any of the exercises, please refer to YouTube.

Workout 1

20 x Body-weight Squats

20 x Lunges (10 on each leg)

10 x Chair Dips

10 x Pull-ups

20 x Push-ups

30 Second Plank

10 x Burpees

Workout 2

20 x Jumping Jacks

10 x Diamond Push Ups

10 x Chin-ups

10 Second Superman

20 – 30 Second Wall Sit

20 x Sit-ups

10 x Burpees

Before starting any exercise program, consult a qualified healthcare professional. Genteclabs.co.za and the author of this workout, without limitations, are not responsible for any injuries which may occur.