4 Week Bodybuilding Workout Plan

Bodybuilder working out

At the bottom of this article you will find the download link to our latest workout plan.

This is a 4 week workout plan, designed for hypertrophy (muscle growth). Each workout should take +- 1 hour to complete, if you workouts are taking longer than this, try resting less between sets.

Make sure you use good form with each exercise, you want to use a weight that is heavy enough so that you struggle to complete the last few reps of each set, but also not too heavy that you sacrifice good form.

Each week you should try and increase the weight a little. For example, if you managed to incline dumbbell press 30kg's for 8 reps, try do 32kg's the following week. If you only managed to complete 7 reps with 30kg dumbbells, then try complete 8 reps the following week, instead of increasing the weight. Every week you want to try lift a bit more than the previous week, either by increasing the weight or the reps.

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If you need any help in regards to how much you should be eating to build muscle please read this article - Eating for muscle growth

If you are unsure on how to do any of the exercises listed in the workout, simply go to youtube or google and type the exercise in. You will find many different videos explaining how to do the exercises.

Download the workout here